1411 Physicians Dr. · Wilmington, NC 28401

Mission Statement

Coastal Vascular Institute is committed to providing patient centered healthcare of vascular diseases with excellence in quality, service, cost, and access.

Our Values


We are dedicated to treating all of our patients, their families, and caregivers with compassion and kindness.


We understand the importance of patient choice. We follow the highest standards by using a team approach to honor your trust and keep you as safe as possible.


We are all members of your care team and that starts before you even you come through the front door. We all care about your needs and health. We are empowered to do the right thing and understand the responsibility that comes with having you as our patient.


We offer fellowship trained, board certified vascular care physicians as well as experienced physician extenders with 20 years of cumulative experience. Our providers use advanced medical methods which include minimally invasive techniques and, when necessary, state of the art surgical therapies.

Care Approach

Our first goal is manage your vascular condition with the least invasive approach. Every effort is made to choose a non-surgical, patient centered approach. Interventions are offered when further care is deemed necessary by the patient, family, and provider.


We believe that providing you with education about your vascular disease is vital to your care. Lifestyle plays a pivotal role in vascular disease so the more you know, the more empowered you are to manage your disease.