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  • We believe every patient has the right to receive education about their vascular condition and we consider this our responsibility as your provider.
  • Lifestyle has a significant influence on vascular disease. Our team is dedicated to empowering you since the more you know, the more you can manage and control your vascular disease.
  • Much of the care we provide is medical, non-surgical care. The comprehensive management of vascular diseases requires a commitment to helping patients live a healthier lifestyle and better manage conditions that advance vascular disease.
  • Medical management includes smoking cessation, cholesterol and blood pressure management, anti-coagulation, heart healthy diet habits, supervised exercise therapy, strategies to control lower extremity swelling, wound treatment and prevention, and others.
  • Medical management combined with patient education creates a strong patient-provider team that is often successful on its own without the need for surgical intervention.
  • When further intervention is needed, every effort to use minimally invasive techniques (often office based) are used. Surgery may be necessary, and that recommendation is discussed and decided on by the patient, family, caregivers, and provider together as the care team.
  • Patients are made aware, that when surgery is needed, careful attention to lifestyle and dedicated oversight of your vascular medical conditions by our providers helps to maintain your health and discourage the need for further surgical interventions.
  • While we surgeons, we know it is no longer enough to just operate- our specialty has evolved, and our team is fully committed to your overall vascular care, both medical and surgical.